Friday, March 16, 2018

K.Flay: Run For Your Life (from Tomb Raider)

"Bite off the venomous head.
Follow the chemical scent.
Look for the whole in the fence.
Fast as you can.
And run for your life."

A busy life has me running for my own life so this one is as fleet a foot as the title suggests. It seemed as good a time as any to note, today, on the opening of the remake of Tomb Raider (2018) starring Alicia Vikander (Ex-Machina) (why do they love this franchise so?), K.Flay returned with a brand new track in Run For Your Life.

Perhaps it's the desire for a new female action hero, but once again the update to the original Angelina Jolie mini-franchise is classic middling escapist entertainment fare that offers nothing truly exhilarating as adventure films go. In fact the music for the film often provides a good deal of heavy lifting in creating the energy for the picture. Still, beats a Marvel movie for my money.

This song too is fairly rousing. The new track kind of caught me off guard but Flay continues to pick up speed in her career churning out some stellar alternative rock. This comes hot on the heels of Sade's return a week earlier with the beautiful Flower Of The Universe for the film A Wrinkle In Time (2018).

Fans of Flay's music should hurry and check out Run For Your Life with that catchy almost feline-like chorus hook that infuses the song with a kind of jungle-like prowl and pursuit.

Run For Your Life. B+.

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