Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Wild Belle: Losing You

"Am I losing you?
Is this where the story ends?
Am I losing you? Am I on my own again?"

y latest discovery is Wild Belle, the brother/sister duo of Elliot and Natalie Bergman.

The act's first album was Isles (2013). The second was Dreamland (2016), a near perfect collection of sensual, gritty, swaggering vocals inspired by the likes of Amy Winehouse.

Losing You is just one of the wonderful compositions from the aforementioned 11 track gem.

Additionally it doesn't hurt that Natalie is easy on the eyes, while complementing that beautiful growl of a voice. Her brother is alternately a fine foil throughout on these magnificently dreamy numbers. Dreamland is proof enough this duo has talent and we look forward to what's next.

Dreamland (2016): A-. Highly Recommended. A sterling gem of a sophomore effort. No slump here. Each selection shines and the ones that don't immediately grow on you quickly.

Losing You: The second track on the recording is a stellar example of what's on offer.

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